Challenges can be turned into great testimonies!

This season of life seems to be one of many challenges!  When my days are full of changes and decisions, my thoughts tend to turn to how am I reacting or acting to each. I take a look at what I am thinking, of what I am saying and how I am reacting. I have learned to trust God for everything in my life. 

However, to be totally trusting I must not entertain thoughts that don’t line up with what the Word of God says. Or I must not react negatively to the circumstances going on around me and allow fear or anxiety to take over.  So each time, each circumstance is decision time for me to cast my cares on the Lord or I can try to figure it out in my own strength.

Sometimes I do find myself leaning into these areas but as soon as I realize that I am drifting, I quickly draw myself back into the presence of God. Because when I am leaning and depending on Him to help me through every step of my life then I have a peace for each challenging circumstance of each day. But when I depend on my own intellect and my own thoughts then that is when God’s presence lifts and I find myself feeling fearful and anxious.

It took a decision to believe that God loves me so much that He would always be with me and always direct my footsteps. He would always take care of me and protect me through each storm of life. But think about it, I am so much better off having the Great I AM for my protector, for my provider, for my healer, for guidance, for my comforter and teacher. You can have His peace also, the peace that passes all understanding! Trust Him for all areas of your life and in all areas of your life!

Oh yes, and when I come through the storms of life to the other side and see the sun shining on me, oh what testimonies I have to share with all who will listen.  My God is so great and He is so big!

I Peter 5:6-7 “Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time, casting your care upon Him, for He cares for you.”


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