The Beginning of a New Season

Greetings to you all! I send much love and encouragement to you and pray for wisdom for the choices you make for your everyday life!

I have been hearing the Lord say… “Eventful – this new season will be eventful. This season will be a time of transitions and changes.  Do not have fear; trust Me for I will walk you through your next season just as I have walked with you up till now. The choice is always up to you, for I never leave you. Change and transition with Me will be good and fruitful!”

Then the Lord showed me a huge lion walking boldly through a field and the scripture came to my mind… “be bold, be brave for the Lord your God is with you.”

I encourage you to meditate on this word for the days ahead. Spend quality time with your Father and be eager & open to hear what the He has for you. Hear the changes He wants you to make in your life so that transition comes!

Why do you think He said not to fear?  Because He knows that most of us don’t like the thought of change, we just want to be comfortable! But God’s ways are not our ways!  And, if we choose to move with Him and make the changes and transitions ~ think of the opportunities waiting for us.  He said changes with Him would be good and fruitful!So expect boldness to come as you move out, without fear, to minister as He gives you direction and wisdom!  It is so exciting what the Lord is doing in these days!  I look forward to hearing your testimonies of His goodness and what changes you will make.

You may want to pray with me ~ “Yes Lord, I receive the changes and transitions you have for me and will not fear.  Thank you for your presence and I eagerly look for the initiatives you have for me.  I am expecting much goodness and fruitfulness for the Kingdom of God!!

Blessings & Miracles,

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