Words for 2013

April 3, 2013

“The Lord is saying, refresh, refresh, refresh! Drink in My presence, drink, drink, drink. Let the waters, the living waters flow over you and refresh.  Expect an abundance today ~ look for it ~ don’t limit the blessing flow.”

March 14, 2013

“Holy Spirit is moving, Spirit wind is blowing do you feel it, do you hear it?? Holy Spirit power and miracles are flowing and moving! Yes open your ears so you will hear, open your eyes so you will see! Breathe Him in this day so you may pour Him out on our way! Divine appointments are waiting, don’t miss them!”

February 3, 2013:

“I am the great Exchanger. I exchange your life for my life. I give you My all, your only limitation is you!”

New Year – New Season 2013

I have been hearing the Lord say… “Eventful – this new season will be eventful. This season will be a time of transitions and changes. Do not have fear; trust Me for I will walk you through your next season just as I have walked with you up till now. The choice is always up to you, for I never leave you. Change and transition with Me will be good and fruitful!”

Then the Lord showed me a huge lion walking boldly through a field and the scripture came to my mind… “be bold, be brave for the Lord your God is with you.”


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