Greetings, much love and encouragement to you today!  I pray for wisdom as you make choices for your everyday life! May God reign supreme!

Here we are in March already! Where do the days go? 

The Old Testament is such a wealth of teaching, training and inspiration for us on how to live the life God has ordained. We are to learn and put into practice the lessons we learn from the saints of old.  If we would walk in these truths then we wouldn’t need to “go around the mountain” again, as the saying goes. We are to move forward with the teachings and promises of the Old Testament into our New Covenant with Christ Jesus and Kingdom life!

Lately, the Lord has been giving me “bullet” thoughts! Portions of thoughts will run through my mind. Or maybe specific words like obedience, men’s traditions, religious spirits or prejudices.  Have you ever experienced that? As I have been meditating on these impressions, Holy Spirit has given me scriptures to go along with these thoughts. I have been on a very interesting journey these last few weeks.

As a friend and I were discussing the scriptures in Genesis 25:20-28, Holy Spirit dropped these words into my spirit, men’s traditions and obedience.  We were looking at the account of Isaac and Rebekah.  We had a good discussion and as you know iron sharpens iron!  Later, I looked more closely at these scriptures with the words the Lord had given me in mind. 

There is so much in these scriptures but this is what Holly Spirit wanted me to see.

Genesis 25:22-23 ~ Rebekah inquired of the Lord why she was having a troubled pregnancy. The Lord answered and told her what was happening then and what would happen in the future!  Then she did what we do so much of the time in our lives today…

  1. She prayed and asked the Lord for answers
  2. He answered her questions and gave her a prophetic word for the future which carried some instruction & direction.
  3. As we read the remainder of these scriptures we see that the boys were raised according to the traditions of the day! The instruction the Lord gave to her was not followed!

The tradition or custom of the day was that the oldest son would receive the birthright, the blessing and double portion of the inheritance.  But God had told her that the older son would serve the younger son and therefore it would not be according to their customs. By not heeding God’s Word and raising them accordingly, strife, deceit and deception became a constant companion throughout their lives. In order for Jacob to receive the blessing from his father, Isaac, he had to lie and deceive him and his brother. This was not part of God’s plan and we can certainly learn from their decisions. 

Today we hear from God through His Word, through teachings, His prophets, and Holy Spirit speaking to us in our spirits.  We must be quick to receive from God and be open and teachable to obey what He is directing us to do. It might not be according to the customs of our day!!  Man’s plans, traditions, thoughts and the churches religious traditions don’t always line up with God’s.  Selah!! 

Isaiah 55:8 “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways, says the LORD.”

Wow, when I saw this I began taking inventory of my life, of my thoughts and of my obedience to His guidance!  How much more peaceful and joyful would our lives be if we would hear the Lord and obey His ways? I will leave these thoughts with you to meditate on for this time.  I encourage you to draw closer to God, inquire of Him, hear his voice and then do what He tells you to do. 

OBEY don’t DELAY !

Blessings & Miracles,


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