Be Encouraged~February 2014

The importance of knowing the creative power of the spoken Word has been very prominent in my thoughts over the last few weeks. Holy Spirit has been speaking to me to continue meditating on this truth and not move on just yet.

A brief reminder of last month’s teaching from Romans 8:5-6, 8, of the importance to set our minds on the things of the Spirit. We are to take our thoughts captive and to speak in agreement with the Word of God.  I want to continue this month with the importance of speaking God’s Word and/or speaking in agreement with the Word. This was one of the first spiritual laws/principles Holy Spirit taught me as a young Christian.  To determine that the Word is true and it is my truth! And that I walk in faith by agreeing with the Word and speaking/praying in agreement with God. “Faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God.”  So as you learn the Word, your faith continues to grow too and you begin to walk and live in the promises of God.

*Faith is the master key which opens all doors!*

Some have asked me why they should speak the Word or why they should agree with what Jesus said. What difference does it make? Some have even said, to them it sounds like just a formula.  And, there are those who really don’t understand the importance of this teaching at all. My prayer today is that Holy Spirit will bring total revelation and understanding to all who read this teaching.  There are many of you are walking in the light of this revelation and experiencing God’s goodness, prayerfully, this will serve as a reminder to you.  Please pass this on so others can receive the blessing.

The Bible teaches that God is in us and we are in Him. Wow, such a mystery!  But it is so!  Colossians 1:27 “Christ in us the hope of Glory” ~ this is just one of many scriptures telling us this truth.  Check it out and do the study for yourself!

The thought that I want to impress upon you now is this ~ The more Word you know and receive ~ the more truth you allow to go deep into your spirit ~ the more you will become transformed into the likeness of Christ.  It is a process of your spirit growing in faith moving from glory to glory! The more like Christ you become the more He moves through you to minister to others!  It is a glorious unity circle!

Know the Word of God and you will know the Son of God ~ Jesus!! Jesus is the Word! Jesus is alive and the Word is alive, creative and powerful to accomplish what it is sent out to do and it never returns void. It is sharper than any two edged sword!!

Relationship; do you see that it is all about relationship, your relationship with God allows the transformation to take place in your life. Your love for HIM ~ Love for God the Father, love for God the Son and love for God Holy Spirit.  And it all begins in believing, receiving and walking in the truth of the Word.  Selah! When you release the Word of God by faith, the angels have an assignment to take the Word and deliver it and bring it from the Spirit realm into the physical! The Bible tells us so! The angels don’t just move on any word from us, but they do move on the Word of God! The key to this principle is speaking and decreeing the Word of God in faith! Not out of your intellect but out of your spirit! As you do so, then you will call those things which be not as though they were.

I want to share with you a magnificent vision God gave me this week which illustrates this truth. This was such a time of the presence and glory of God totally covering and filling me.  Such a glorious, teachable moment! I remain in awe of my Father God, my Daddy!

I was in Sunday service and we were all in unity praying for a special need for one in our fellowship. As I was decreeing the Word in faith, I saw the angels all around us and they were grabbing each word we were speaking and flying off with it. I had the understanding that their assignment was to take the Word and deliver it as spoken. The scriptures tell us that “God watches over His Word to perform what it is sent out to do and it never returns void.” Paraphrased. This beautiful vision is an example of the living, creative Word in action!  Selah!

For me, there is no doubt that this is God’s way, His truth and the life that He has set into motion for us to live to bring His Kingdom into the earth.  I encourage you to meditate on these truths and allow Holy Spirit to teach you and give you new revelation.

Holy Spirit I thank you that You are speaking to us and teaching us as we read this letter. Thank You that you are opening up our eyes of understanding and revealing greater truth than we have known.

Please contact me if you have any questions, a prayer request or want to share a testimony of God’s goodness! I look forward to hearing from you.


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