God’s Now Word!

Happy New Year and blessings on you as you move through this season!

I have learned that the Lord moves us from one season of our life into another season. Sometimes our seasons seem to overlap, have you noticed that? Time with Him is eternity, so there is no beginning and no ending!  Just because we move from the year 2014 into the year 2015 does not mean that the season we are in ends and a new one begins! Sometimes it does but not always.  

God does speak through His prophets and we must learn to discern the season of life we are in and what God is teaching us in that season. Watch and listen to what Holy Spirit is saying to you and follow His leading. 

Below is the prophetic word He gave me for this season and continuing into 2015.   It is a NOW word!

A word from God for you to pray over and meditate on for this season!


I saw a vision of an oil derrick with golden oil flowing freely in the air. It was the golden anointing oil from the throne of God. As the oil was flowing the whirlwind came and encircled the oil and traveled all through the heavens and then encompassed the whole earth.

The Lord is saying, acceleration, acceleration, acceleration.
Some may say that a shaking is taking place and I say yes, but more than a shaking, a whirlwind and again I say acceleration!!

A whirlwind, whirling all over the planet earth; a whirlwind, whirling all through the heavens. The whirlwind will catch up those who are waiting and watching for My signs. The whirlwind will catch up those who hear the sound moving and accelerating toward them.

This season you will see a whirlwind of signs, wonders, healing, and miracles like there has never been seen before. Be watchful and thoughtful for you don’t want to miss the whirlwind and you don’t want to miss moving and accelerating in My Spirit. The season is NOW!! The Lord said that we are not to be looking for this in the future. The time is NOW, the anointing oil is already flowing through the earth and falling on all who will receive and believe. Holy Spirit is in the whirlwind.

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