Prophetic Word Released ~

A word from God released by my friend Maria Alaniz, a mighty woman of God!

Strongly in my Spirit God has given me this message:

“Revealing is Healing.”

“I can not join you in suffering but only provide you Love. I need for you to be aware that I only see you whole as I made you, there is nothing else to perceive. I’ve equipped you well far beyond your physicality to accept what is TRUTH in your being.
You are so creative in your beliefs that the veil, blocking, resistance has given you suffering, if you truly are asking for more of Me be prepared to
look (reveal) and deal (heal) with your beliefs that are NOT mine!!!!
Let it Go and let it flow.”

Wow, ok so profound the whole world has come to know this phrase
“Let it Go” from child’s movie Frozen.
Every adult joined in the craze so we thought it was a craze, we were speaking out exactly what needed to be spoken into our consciousness for a world shift. So in a nut shell it’s time to Let it Go, you know what doesn’t serve you or another. Go into a quiet space inside of your soul and let the revealing and healing begin. Don’t lie to yourself any longer, this is all inclusive there is no such thing as exclusive. You know who you are God has given you Love so you will survive it all. Thank you in advance for your cleansing time, I’ve got cleaning to do as well. Negative thoughts and beliefs accumulate like dust and too much of it can choke the environment that surrounds you.

Freely Loving,


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