Be Encouraged ~ June 2015

The Lord is saying..”I have saved the best for last!”

I have been hearing The Lord saying lately…”I have saved the best for last” and He took me to John 2:1-11.  Holy Spirit spoke volumes to me, while meditating on these scriptures.  This is part of the beautiful and encouraging message He taught me through them. These scriptures are so rich and I am sure as you read and meditate on them He will manifest even more revelation to you!

Read John 2:1-11 ~ the account of Jesus’ first miracle and the demonstration of God’s power and glory!

  • The number one (1) denotes unity or commencement ~ verse 1-11
  • Three of the same numbers as in verse 1-11.The number three (3) is significant of completeness or Divine perfection and completeness.
  • Water-pots were the vessels used as a means of purification and in this case carried the new wine.
  • Jesus’ first miracle was the beginning of signs and wonders and manifested His glory!

The miracle of turning water into excellent, quality wine was not to draw attention to the miracle but was intended to demonstrate the power and glory of Jesus.  This is exactly the same for us! We are the vessels which carry the new wine of Holy Spirit and demonstrate His power and glory, to bring attention to Jesus! We are in unity in Him as He is in us, Holy Spirit, His power and His glory in us. God is in the process of bringing us to perfection and completeness as we allow Him to totally fill us up with His presence.

We are seeing the strong whirlwind of Holy Spirit moving across and around the world today! We are seeing more miracles, more signs and wonders than we have ever seen bringing attention to King Jesus and His Kingdom. Jesus performed this awesome miracle, sign and wonder of turning water into wine to demonstrate His power and glory and we are now living out His prophetic words and actions doing the same.

Just as Jesus only said and did what His Father told Him to say and do, we are to say and do what our Father tells us to say and do. And, greater works shall we do!!! Truly He is bringing out the best in these last days! Praise God!!

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