India Ministry Update:

India Ministry Update:

I have been waiting to write October’s letter so that I could share the feedback from Vision of Asia (Pastor Isaac and Velma Elizabeth) and Gail Frank. Gail is the only one from our team of 3 that was able to travel to India since her visa was still in date! As you know, Cindy and my visas were denied! 

My heart is so full and running over with the joy of the Lord!! I am so excited and blessed at what Papa God did over this last year!!! It has been a mighty journey, one of faith, encouragement, trust, love, uncertainty, disappointment, pressing forward not knowing in the natural realm but surely knowing in the spirit realm! Wow, how my faith has been tested and how it has grown! What a mighty God we love and serve!

The Pastor’s and Women’s Conferences are over and the Lord moved in a mighty way through the teachings I recorded and sent via internet, Gail’s teachings and team ministry. Sister Velma did all of the interpreting! Thank you so much sister!!!

I will be sending more pictures as I receive them in the coming days.  The testimonies are coming in and many received healing; spirit, soul and body, breakthroughs and deliverance! Praise the Lord for His faithfulness! There are more to come.

Velma Teaching/interpreting                                                     Gail Ministering/teaching

India Conference2  India Conference4   India Conference3 

Precious women receiving from God after my teaching on “Soul Wounds”, ministry to receive healing of soul wounds and receive their breakthrough!

India Conference5 India Conference6






God had given me a prophetic word for a man who was to attend the Pastor’s conference. He actually showed me the man in a red shirt, where he would be sitting and gave me the word. Now remember, I was recording the teachings approximately 3 weeks before the conferences!  At first I hesitated and ask the Lord, am I hearing right? He told me “Kay, remember that you are spirit first and there is no time or distance in the spirit!” Ok, so as I was recording, He softly and lovingly told me that same thing  many times!!  Oh how He loves you and me!! I recorded ​all the prophetic word​s and gave ​the man’s description as I had received it. After the teaching “Deep Calls Unto Deep” I gave out the words Papa God had given to me and, yes, the man in the red shirt was there and the testimony is that the word was a perfect one for him!  Side note: I was told that the men usually don’t wear red or bright colors like the women do.  Really!!  Ha, ha, ha, ha!!!

India-Red Shirt






1,000 copies of my book “It Is Written” was printed after being translated into Telugu (local language) and given out as a gift at the conferences!! Praise the Lord!! 

India-book1aIndia-book1bIt Is Written1

I so appreciate all of you who have been faithful to pray and who have sown into this ministry and to what God is doing in India!!  I love you all with the love of Christ and remember that “God loves you with an ever lasting love!”  Jeremiah 31:3

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