Be Encouraged ~ January 2016



Greetings for the new season, 2016!  Wow, we are already well into January, where does the time go? 2016 is on the march!!  Look for this year to be so powerful, so magnificent and much is already occurring in the supernatural realm. My spirit is overflowing with much expectation and excitement!!

Papa has been whispering to me over and over; power and authority! Power & authority! His power and authority which He has given to you and me! I began looking in the scripture to see what He was saying to me and to you!

There is power in the name of Jesus! We have authority in the name of Jesus! Yes, and we all would nod our heads yes, when seeing or hearing these statements. However, not all of us nodding our heads, yes… are ministering in the Holy Spirit anointing provided to us! Jesus preached the Gospel, the Kingdom of God, He raised the dead, He healed the sick and He cast out demons everywhere He traveled!! His ministry is our guide and God’s plan for us. We are to minister the same way Jesus ministered!  Now, I know some might say; but I haven’t been called to preach or teach about the Kingdom of God, or to heal the sick, or to raise the dead or to cast out demons! REALLY?  

In Luke 9:1 we see where Jesus called His disciples together and gave them power and authority over all devils and to cure diseases (to heal, cure and restore to health). We are His disciples today and have been given the same power and authority!! Take a look at Hebrews 5:12-14; 6:1-3. In these scriptures Paul is telling us that these are elementary principles of Christ and we should already be ministering in these gifts and be moving onto maturity. Paul cautions us to not be slothful or lazy in our spiritual growth and spiritual walk. Selah!!!

Holy Spirit led me to go back and read over the accounts of Jesus’ ministry. In fact, I have re-read these scriptures several times seeking more revelation knowledge and what is it that Holy Spirit wants me to see and wants to teach me in more depth. Faith in God; is to have a child-like trust in and belief in His word, which produces the miracles we are asking for. It is not an intellectual act or belief but an act and belief of the heart, or spirit. I see in the scriptures that Jesus, directed by the Father, had so much love and mercy for everyone He met. He wasn’t concerned about what others were saying or might say ~ we shouldn’t either! The important thing is to move out in obedience as directed by Holy Spirit. We are to be the same as we move and obey His directions for ministry; our only concern should be to obey what Papa is saying to us and watch and enjoy as the anointing and glory flows, watch as the signs, wonders and miracles follow!! There were those who didn’t like what Jesus did and there will be those who won’t like what we are doing either!! But, Jesus didn’t allow the thoughts or actions of men to dictate how He ministered, or to whom He ministered or where he ministered! Hallelujah!

The message Papa wants us to hear is this; we are to only do what He tells us to do and say what He tells us to say! Move out with faith knowing that as a child of God, He has given to you much power and authority over the things of this world! (Genesis 1:26-28). Through Jesus’ completed work on the cross, the keys of the Kingdom; righteousness, power and authority, have been given back to us to live a supernatural Kingdom life.

As we obey His directions, move and walk in our authority, He will be glorified, His name, His anointing and power will manifest in supernatural, extravagant and abundant ways! This is the season for His breath and fire to burn in all of us who are open to being used in greater ways!! Jesus did say that we would do the works that He did and greater works would we do!! John 14:12

This is such an exciting and fun time to be living in the Kingdom of God. Experiencing life in the supernatural realm; daily encounters with God and knowing that life is good no matter what is going on around us!! In Romans 14:17b, 15:13 “the Kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy in Holy Spirit! We have been made righteous in Christ, given authority by Daddy God and power by Holy Spirit. Amen!

Wow, since reading these scriptures over again, I have asked the Lord to show me the areas in my life which I need to submit and release to Him in order to become spiritually mature and experience His full supernatural, Kingdom life. Moving forward in His power and authority with much peace and joy manifesting in my life!!! Praise the Lord!! How about you? Take a few moments now and ask Him to show you the areas you need to submit and release to Him. He will show you and as you release them to Him you will receive more of His peace and joy in Holy Spirit! Amen and amen!!

This new season, this new year of 2016 I believe Papa God is giving an increase in His power and authority in the Church – the body of Christ!! That is you! Hallelujah! I encourage you now, to move forward in the power and authority in you thorough Christ Jesus! Amen and Amen!! 

I would love to hear from you, your testimonies of how Holy Spirit is leading you, the God encounters you are having and the miracles you are seeing as you minister in His Power and Authority!!  Praise His Name forever more!!

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