Angels Are Hovering

A message froangels-surrounding-the-presence-2m the Lord: The angels are hovering ~ hovering, waiting for your utterance to come forth. They move on My Word – waiting for their next assignment, waiting to spring into action and accomplish what they have been sent out to do! Tell My people, My precious ones, tell them, the warring is very fierce in the atmosphere, in the heavenlies, in the spirit. The angelic heavenly hosts are warring over you, opening up the heavens for the Glory of the Lord, My glory! The heavenly hosts are preparing the way for you to move out, move forward into my plan, your destiny. Work and move together, you are never alone, for as you speak and align your words with Me, angels are moving and much is being accomplished. My creation moving and working in sinc as a fine tuned machine, as a fine turned orchestra, beautiful music in the atmosphere. Expect greater breakthrough, expect breakthrough into new territories, greater anointing, greater knowledge and revelation understanding. As you move in obedience more of My thoughts will become your thoughts and more of my ways will become your ways!! 

Oh yes, you will breakthrough, breakthrough many barriers holding you Now will crash down suddenly, quickly!! Expect! Do you believe it?

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