Supernatural God Encounters!

The Lord is doing great and mighty things in us and all around us in these last days!! I want to share with you some exciting changes and the shifting He has done in my life and ministry over the last year and a half. He has given to me a new vision for this season and a new assignment!! He has begun moving me into a new season of ministry and I am stepping out in obedience and in faith to accomplish my Next!!!  

Over these months, He has increased the number of supernatural visions and encounters with Him and has given me greater spiritual awareness and understanding. He has given me new vision, a new assignment, to begin ministering and teaching on a relationship of intimacy! A deeper walk and relationship with Him, our Father, Daddy God! In one of my encounters He anointed me and gave me instructions to minister/teach and impart to others on how to encounter Him in the spirit realm, in the supernatural and live the full Kingdom life, NOW! I understand that many are hungry and looking for a deeper walk and relationship with the Lord but not sure how to get there. 

The purpose of the conference is to encourage “you” with hungry hearts to seek an intimate relationship; to move higher and to go deeper with your Daddy God. To enhance your spiritual senses; seeing, hearing, touching, tasting and smelling; to learn to live in the supernatural, spirit realm 24/7. So that you may live in your authority, be bold and strong and accomplish the plans and purposes Father God has for you to accomplish! To help usher in the end time harvest!! Hallelujah!

In obedience and stepping into my new assignment, I scheduled a conference in my home for May 7th and within just a few days, by word of mouth, I had a full house! The reports and feedback were so encouraging and exciting. Many were set free from “religion” and “traditions of men” as they entered into their secret place or heavenly garden in the spirit realm for the first time to encounter God!! The title of the conference/teaching is “Supernatural God Encounters”. The conference time is approximately 3 hours, very fast moving hours!! Immediately, The Lord opened the door for the next conference, which was scheduled for Tuesday, June 14th, in another home gathering. Registration for this conference filled up just as quickly, Praise the Lord!! 


  • One man told me he was delivered from addictions in his life! He actually felt them lift off of him!
  • A missionary friend, who came to the May conference, testified that the Lord told her to come and hear again this teaching as it was one of the most important teachings she would hear for this season of her life!! 
  • Many were delivered from bondage to spirits of religion, religious traditions and wrong teachings of men.
  • Many shared about their “God Encounter” which encouraged others!!
  • All were excited and encouraged!!

These are very exciting times we are living in. I am humbled, excited and expectant to be given this vision and assignment in such a time as this!! I am believing for many more invitations for gatherings to open up in the coming weeks and months. Be watching for the announcement for the next conference date and plan on attending ~ for I know you have a hungry heart!!

Thank you for your prayers, support and partnering with me in this season of ministry. Please call me if you are interested in hosting me to teach this conference in your church, group or home. I love you and God loves you with an everlasting love!

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