Seek My Face

The Prophetic Voice: The Lord is wooing, the Lord is drawing, the Lord is calling saying come to Me, come deeper into My presence, seek Me, seek My face! For only I can give you the desires of your heart. Only I can quench and satisfy your thirst with My living water and with My breath do I breathe into your soul. As you breathe in so I strengthen you, and shine My light in you, around you and through you! Your boldness will glow and draw those unto Me as a firefly around the fire of light! You will burn for Me and the fire will not grow dim but put off sparks that will flare up in others and others and others!! My fire will spread and consume the earth! My Spirit will consume you with everlasting fire. Seek Me, face to face!!

Psalm 27:8 “My heart has heard you say “come and talk with Me” and my heart responds “Lord I am coming!”

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