The Doves

Today, The Lwhitewingsord directed me to re-post this prophetic sighting and Word He gave me some months ago! 

One morning as I looked out of my window, both front and back yards were filled with the big white wing doves. They were flying over the yard and moving from one limb of a tree to another.They were scattering all over the ground and flying through the air. It was a wondrous and beautiful site to see. I stood amazed as I watched this site as I had never seen so many doves at one time in our yard.
I asked the Lord what is the prophetic meaning of this sighting and what are You showing me?

The Prophetic Voice ~
The Lord said to my spirit ~This is a sign for you, and for MY church to be very intent on watching and seeing, on listening and hearing what is happening around you. The dove is a sign of how Holy Spirit is going to move through the land, in fact MY power and glory is already moving but will be flooding the earth with a more intensity. I will touch every land, I will touch every home, I will touch every heart! MY Spirit will flood your area, MY Spirit will flow across the country and every person will have a chance to turn to Me for I am calling MY people to a place of total surrender, I am calling MY remnant to total obedience I am calling each one to put aside all that is not of MY leading.

As y
ou see the doves moving through the air and across your land, so shall MY spirit move across the land, you shall see mighty miracles and healing, mighty signs and wonders and many will find Me as they have never found me before! Many will be moving through the air like the doves bringing MY message, bringing MY resurrection power to those who are seeking me. Yes, you and all those who want to see Me who want to hear me will be moving with Me in this mighty powerful Holy Spirit flow. Don’t miss this sign I am showing you, grab hold of it and move with me, flow with me. Are you listening? Are you seeing? I am all around you, I say grab hold of Me and let go of all that is hindering you moving out with Me. Let go of the past, press forward into deeper communion with Me. Deep calls to deep and I am calling you to come deeper in MY Spirit. Catch the wind of Holy Spirit and ride the flow with Me.

And as quickly as the doves were here they were gone! The Lord said to me ~
Know, MY precious ones, that the time for lingering or hesitating is over, you must move out when I say move and you must speak out when I say speak! For time is growing very short and MY word, MY power, MY miracles and sign and wonders must be seen and heard and they will be seen and heard! For MY earth is groaning and shifting with anticipation of MY coming. Have ears to hear and eyes to see for MY signs are coming forth in greater magnitude than ever before. The flow of MY Spirit in the past is waxing pale to what I am doing now and going to do in this new season! Watch and Hear!! Be ready to move!

I am calling MY people to a time of peace, peace within your spirit knowing that Holy Spirit is your guide and teacher. MY peace will cover all and cover any fear that tries to come into your realm. MY peace will cover you like a blanket; MY peace will cover you like MY shadow; MY peace will cover you like a cocoon, you are wrapped up in Me, I am in you and you are in Me.

The world sees the dove as a sign of peace. You see Me and know Me as your peace and nothing can shatter that peace as you move out in a new boldness you have not seen before. MY remnant will be bold as a lion and move through this land with that boldness! Amen.

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