Transition and Change!

My spirit has been, well, no other word for it but “swirling” with anticipation for several months now!  Also during the last few weeks I have been seeing the numbers; 11:11 or 1:11 over and over again.  I would look at the clock, my phone or microwave and I would see 11:11 or 1:11.  I’ve been praying and looking to the scriptures to see what the Lord is saying and what He wants us to be aware of.  I know when we see duplication of numbers, items or sayings for example, the Lord is speaking and wanting to get our attention in order to give us a message or to use as a teaching tool.  I had read several articles, prophetic words and heard interviews on how to discern the meaning of the times we are living in.  However, nothing seemed to resonate until this week.  

The Lord woke me up one morning at 2:00 a.m. and led me to open up a video in my email by Lance Wallnau.  He had just seen the number 1111 also and was discussing the prophetic meaning and the message from the Lord regarding the number one or multiples of one.  Reading through many scriptures in the OT there seemed to be a theme and it became clear that in this season multiple ones (1111) means transition and/or change.   Most of the accounts I read had to do with kings and countries coming into alignment, governments (kings) changing, taking possession of territory etc. This is what I believe the Lord wanted me to know and in turn impart to you!!

The season we are moving into will be one of major transitions and changes!  These changes and transitions will be in the realm of political governments and political leaders being replaced (not just in the U.S.), church governments and church leaders being led by the Lord to shift into alignment with Him, and transitions and changes in our own lives and ministries as well.  We are to shift into alignment with the Word and with Father God, to be alert and open to what the His plan is for us in this supernatural, exciting season!!

Too many are exhibiting and experiencing fear,  believing the lies that have been released, listening to the many voices all around them instead of tuning into and listening to God’s voice.  Too many are looking at their life circumstances and forgetting their God covenant promises, provisions and protection which has been provided and waiting for them to possess!!

Deuteronomy 1:10—11 “The Lord your God has multiplied you, and here you are today as the stars of heaven in multitude. May the Lord God of your fathers make you a thousand times more numerous than you are and bless you as He has promised you!!”

The Lord has shown me this message before, and again, when we see or hear the Lord speaking the same message more than once, take notice!!!  This is the time, the season for the church to wake up, to rise up, to take up their sword of the Spirit and move out to possess what the enemy has stolen from them.  It is a time of acceleration and I believe these transitions and changes have already begun.  If we are open to hearing and willing to be bold and obedient, Holy Spirit will be moving us through the most amazing, most powerful and supernatural season of our lives!  Are you ready to make yourself ready and step into your destiny?

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