My Love Abounds!

Prophetic Voice:
My love abounds, My Love covers, My love shatters all chains and breaks down walls!  My love shatters like a glass hitting the ground and bursting into a thousand pieces – shatters all misconceptions of unworthiness, of shame, of loneliness, of sadness, of depression,of oppression or deception!  My love heals and restores and builds up.  My love covers all ~

To those of you this evening who might be thinking on negative holiday times in your past, I encourage you to let the past be just that PAST!  Do not linger on or relive sad memories of past experiences.  Look to the future and to God’s love for you and know that His love covers all and heals all.  His plans for you are for good and not evil, for you to prosper and be in health. This new season is one of transition and change; good changes if you will allow Him to direct your pathway to life!!  God’s love covers all ~

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