Be Encouraged~May 2017

Peace and a Great Calm!

Matthew 8:23-26 and Matthew 14:24-29.  The church has been under much attack during this season.   Churches, pastors and many individuals are being tested by life challenges and relationships.  I have learned that when the storms of life come and the waves of turbulence try to wash over me, I am to lean even closer into the arms of my Lord Jesus Christ!  Allow His love, His presence, His comfort to walk me through each step and each minute of each day!  As I do, my faith moves me on into the next hour and the next day with strength that is impossible to explain!  It is God’s supernatural strength and peace!  The peace that surpasses all understanding, an unexplainable peace that many may not understand or maybe have never experienced!  God’s supernatural strength and peace is always available to us as we ask and freely receive! 

Over the last few months the storms of life have been blowing and shattering against me and with these storms came choices!  I had the choice to choose life, God’s way and Word and to trust and rely on Him. Or, to choose the way of the world which is ultimately death.  I definitely had to experience and move through these storms; however, I realized the outcome for me personally was really up to me!  My soul (my mind, will and emotions) was hurting and fighting to take control of my life. I found my emotions wanted to scream, cry out and take control; but my spirit remained strong and took the lead! (Proverbs 18:14 Amp.) Oh, there are times when trouble comes that I do cry out for help.  After all, Father God has created us with emotions, but our emotions are not to control our every move. The scriptures tell us to move through life by using our faith and not to be move by our emotions or the circumstances. (2 Cor. 5:7 NKJ)  Whew, the battle has been very fierce and it isn’t over yet!

In March my precious sister went home to be with Jesus, I was blessed to be with her the last 10 days of her life.  Even though we lived so far apart, we were very close and I miss her every day.  I am so very thankful for that time I had with her and to share the love of Jesus together!  Then in April we received the report that my husband’s aortic valve was blocked and he had to have open heart surgery to replace his valve.  Surgery went well and he is now recovering and gaining his strength back, but not without many challenges!

As I have been going through this time the Lord began showing me a picture over and over again.  It was a picture of the scriptures in Matthew 8:23-26.  This is where Jesus was sleeping peacefully in the bough of the boat in the midst of the stormy sea!  The disciples were afraid and woke Jesus for help! Vs. 26 Jesus said: “why are you fearful oh you of little faith?”  Then he arose and rebuked the wind and the sea, and there was a great calm.” 

Jesus used his authority, released the power of the spoken word and changed the atmosphere around them and brought peace and calm!  However, He still had to use His faith to move into victory and go safely to the other side of the sea! Amen!

Papa God is saying, we too can have and experience His supernatural peace as we release the storms of life to Him and trust Him to calm our way as we move with Him through the storms!  We do this by moving forward in the God kind of faith and receive His power and grace for each day.  He will give us just what we need for the time, for the day as we need it. Remember, you are no longer “just human,” you are a supernatural being, a citizen of heaven!  I encourage you to use your faith and take your position, seated with Christ Jesus in the heavenly places; use the authority which has been given to you and rule and reign over the natural things and situations of your life!

I can share these truths to you today because I have been through many storms in my life.  And I have been walking through some strong storms over the last few months.  Papa God has taught me to trust and lean on Him for my every minute!  I have experienced the trauma of the wind and waves trying to knock me down and wash over me. But God has protected me and given me His peace and comfort as I call to Him, as I talk to Him throughout each day. He has guided me and He has provided everything I needed as He walked me through to the other side!!  He will do the same for you.  Remember “that whatever satan means for evil, God will turn it around and use it for good.”

The Lord revealed to me some exciting revelation through this scripture passage and also Matthew 14:24-29.  As you read these passages again you will see a picture of Jesus trusting His Father, stepping out in faith to overcome adversity!  He was able to walk on the stormy sea, use His authority and rebuked the winds and the sea so there was a great calmWe are to do the same thing and as we do we find that we can rise above the storms and waves and actually walk on top of them, walk above them and not be pushed under them.  We, too, can use our faith and authority over the natural situations in our life, we can walk on top of the situation, walk on the water keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus. We can receive God’s supernatural peace and experience a great calm in our daily lives!!

The Prophetic Voice:  You are to choose to rule and reign over your life!  Or another ruler will!  Papa God…


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