Be Encouraged ~ August 2017

The Prophetic Voice: “Much revelation is coming forth – much understanding is being poured out! ┬áSome of My mysteries are being solved now for the world to see and hear. Yes, eyes are being opened and ears are hearing where they haven’t seen or heard before!”

God is doing new and magnificent things in this season of time! Yes, a new thing, new to you and to me. Not new to Papa God!! Some have said to me that there isn’t anything new with God. That He is the same yesterday, today and forever! Yes true, however, all that God is and all that He has certainly has not been revealed to mankind in this hour!! Be open to receive and discern the times we are in and the exciting movement of Holy Spirit in this season!!

Papa God is unfolding some mysteries, for the time has come and it is His intent, for some of what has been hidden, now to be seen and heard, to be released into the atmosphere!! A few have already seen and heard, but are pondering what they have seen and heard in their hearts waiting for a time of release! Some have already been releasing these truths with a greater understanding for us to observe and to receive as we shed off our “old wine-skins” and purpose to become a “new wine-skin” in order to fully be filled with the new wine and oil being poured out!!

We are to continue being filled and over flowing with His love, His glory, His power, His Word, His mercy, His grace, His peace, His thoughts, His strategies, His boldness!! For God has given to us ALL that He has through Holy Spirit!! It is up to us, by faith, to seek Him, to run after Him, to move closer to Him, to listen and hear Him, to look and see Him and to RECEIVE – in order to gain the under-standing of our supernatural kingdom and supernatural life! In order to fulfill our God ordained life purpose and plan!! SELAH!

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