1 Kings 17-19 we read about the powerful ministry of prophet Elijah. Keep in mind that Elijah had the anointing, boldness and power because he had an intimate relationship with Father God!!

1 Kings 17:1 tells us that he believed in the living Lord God: “as the Lord God of Israel lives, before whom I stand… ” 
He also stood before the throne of God to receive his assignments and strategies! Powerful, powerful example for us today just in this first verse!! 

God sent Elijah to fight vigorously in word and action against baal worship, against idol worshipers.That is our mission today also! These scriptures are so alive, prevalent and a NOW word for us!

We are to stand before the Throne of God and receive our assignments and strategies to fight against idol worship today.The god of intellect, god of pride, god of religion, god of money, god of position, god of possessions and riches, intellectualism and tradition. Idol worship is all around us today. Some of you are being sent to the nations, some of you are being sent to the states, others locally to your regions and/or neighborhoods!! Where ever you are being sent be bold and go!!

I EXHORT YOU…To stand before the Throne of God and receive your assignments and your strategies, to be bold as Elijah. Fight with the power of the Word of God and His direction, against these influences in and around you and your life! As Elijah said…”how long will you falter between two opinions? If the Lord is God, follow Him, but if baal, follow him.” I King 18:21 SELAH !!

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