Christ Jesus our Lord, our King,
Is coming again redemption He brings.
Oh holy, holy, holy, all the angels do sing
As the cloud of witness’ see healing in His wings.
We watch as the clouds swirl open and part,
portals for His glory to fall on our hearts.
Hallelujah, Gloria! Gloria! His presence divine
covers and moves us into His sublime.
Heavenly encounters, how magnificent we cry,
Mighty!  Majestic! As we fly through the sky.
Preparation for the time we become His bride,
our eyes see the angelic host close by His side!
The stars in the galaxy burn an glow so bright,
God’s creation shines His glory all thru the night!
They position the signs and the plan they unfold,
of Jesus’ return just as we’ve been told!
The archangel will shout, the trumpet will sound,
Christ will descend with glorious clouds all ‘round.
Peace, love and joy to all, Gloria, Gloria we sing,
all praise n honor we bring to our Messiah, our King!
                                                                      Kay Hill, December 2017





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