Discerning of Spirits is increasing!
Father God is sharpening and increasing our discernment. He is bringing the gift (manifestation) of discerning of spirits into a new level for those who will hear and listen. Now, know, the ascending into this higher level is not without responsibility, but with an assignment attached. Move into and stay in the intimate place with Papa so you do not miss what He is saying to you. For the assignments He will be giving to you are powerful, they will bring much revelation, wisdom, and correction to the “Church”! Correction with love but correction none the less. Discern correctly and don’t allow your flesh (emotions and mind) to enter in and corrupt what you are seeing and hearing, what you are discerning. For in this sharpening you also will be pruned and bent into the vessel which Papa has designed for you to be. A new boldness will come forth and God will receive the honor and glory!
Those who receive your prophetic words and discernment and make the corrections will move with Holy Spirit into a greater dimension, greater than they have ever experienced in their past. They will be ushered into the movement of Holy Spirit of burning fire and glory like never before. Papa God is moving quickly to bring the church, His church into maturity and into His power and glory. The harvest is now!!

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