Sending the Word to the Nations!

I am excited to share with you what the Lord is doing in my life and how you may partner with me to send His Word to the nations!!

Many of you are aware of the small pamphlet/booklet I wrote in the spring of 2013, “It Is Written.”  It brings the simple, yet powerful, message of receiving the Word of God as it is written. Speak, receive, believe, and walk in God’s Word!  Bringing the Kingdom of God to earth as it is in heaven.

Papa specifically told me that this book was to be given away as a free gift, a seed planted into the lives of all who received it. First, it was published in English, shortly thereafter, the Lord impressed upon me to have it translated into Spanish, which I did.  I am blessed as I sow these booklets into other ministries who, in turn, give them out as they go to the nations!

I am estimating that since 2013, approximately 2,000 English and Spanish copies have been printed and distributed free of any charge. The booklet is also available on my website as a free download:

In 2015, the Lord opened the door to have the book translated into the Telugu dialect for Southern India.  1,000 copies were printed and distributed through Pastors Isaac and Velma Elizabeth, with Vision for Asia Ministry. I have been told that many Pastors/churches are using the book as a bible study and to date all copies have been given away!  Glory to God!!

NOW! Once again Papa has opened a door for me to walk through!  As you are reading this letter, “It Is Written” is being translated into the Kiswahili language (scheduled completion within the week) to be printed and distributed throughout Kenya!  So blessed!!  As He has been faithful to provide the finances for the printing and translation costs for the first 3 projects, I believe He will provide the finances to complete the Kenya project as well.

I am decreeing and believing for many lives to be transformed into His light as the Word of God moves through the country of Kenya!!  Would you prayerfully consider partnering with me in financing this project?

The total expense to translate and print 1,000 copies in Kiswahili and 200 copies in English will be $650 U.S. dollars. The printing will be done in Nairobi to save shipping costs.

To give, you may use the PayPal button on my website, click on the donate tab, email or message me to discuss further.  

Shalom!! Peace and much love in Jesus!!

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