Be Encouraged ~ December 2018

Is there such a thing as a small blessing?

I have been reflecting on all of the wonderful “happenings” during this year ~ 2018! Wow, so many Holy Spirit inspired encounters and exchanges with others. Many supernatural occurrences as I moved through my daily life. If I hadn’t been spiritually in-tuned on a particular day, they would have gone unnoticed and missed. Missed?? And, I am wondering how many have I actually missed? Even though I recognized many, I am sure there were those that I missed. Oh, I really don’t like the thought; that I missed something Papa God had given or provided for me. My heart’s desire is to see and experience all that He has for me each and every day! Prayerfully, yours is also!

Some of our experiences are small and some really huge…but, I was thinking is there such a thing as a small blessing? Can we actually define God moving in our lives? Actually, no, I don’t think so. All of God’s blessings are just that… to bless….to lift us up, to encourage us, to help us through, to deliver us to the other side, to cause us to feel special, to bring us comfort, to bring us to the place in time where we will have that special encounter, a Divine appointment. Or we might hear Him urging us to bring the blessing to another; a special message, a gift, a hug or a smile! Sometimes we are blessed and sometimes we are used to bless another. And, either way we are still blessed, highly favored and honored! Also, what one might think of as “small”, to another it is exactly what they need at the specified time and it is huge to them! Awe, I love the way our Papa knows exactly what we need, when we need it and how to deliver it to us! All blessings are supernaturally given and inspired. AMEN!

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