Nuggets for Life

Nuggets for Life by Alva Hill



Alva had many wonderful life lessons to share.  He transitioned into Jesus’ arms on July 1, 2019.
They are his legacy!

His last journal entry was ~ “God’s retirement plan for you is out of this world!  

  • Your home must have Jesus as the corner stone.
  • To help man is a blessing, to serve God is eternity.
  • God can see right through you.
  • God thoughts come from heavenly places.
  • God has put you in His plans.
  • God is listening…are you?
  • Ask God, then listen for His answer.
  • God doesn’t reject your prayers.
  • If you want to touch someone’s life, ask God to send an angel.
  • Change your words and change your world.
  • Don’t look back, look ahead
  • Tomorrow starts the day before
  • Smiling doesn’t hurt
  • When you call God you will never get a busy signal